About Reel Women

We are a group of women and men who are dedicated to the future of women in fly fishing.

Reel Women was launched in 1994. And what a good idea! We wanted to travel around the world fly fishing, so why not invite other women to join us? The stories are for future books and campfires that keep it all real. The common denominator is fly fishing. What happens all around it is life. Our Reel Women fly fishing trips and schools will launch you into a life of fun. Our guide staff is dedicated to your safety and providing you with an outstanding fly fishing experience. Our mission is to make sure we take your fly fishing dreams to the next level. The adventure is endless.

While making sure we continue to invite women into the sport of fly fishing, we also love our guys. What’s not to love about our brothers, father’s, husbands and boyfriends! We have co-ed trips and schools in addition to our women only program. We know you will walk away with more advanced fly fishing skills and some great stories.

We are excited as we continue to design Reel Women. There is so much to look forward to! So please join us on one of our schools or trips soon.

Cast To Your Dreams!