Diana Rudolph

Diana Rudolf | Reel Women GuideI don’t know exactly how long that moment is just before a fish inhales a fly. Sometimes it seems to last an eternity, and other times, a fraction of a second. Yes, there are hundreds of reasons why I fly fish … to be outdoors, to discover new waters, to experiment with new casts or flies … but for me, the instant before a tarpon annihilates a fly or the time it takes for a cutthroat to rise from the river bottom to sip a dry off of the surface is unparalleled. This is when everything comes together and I feel most connected to my tackle, the fish and the outdoors. This moment is the essence of fly fishing. Sometimes it is enjoyed in solitude, but often it is shared with a fishing companion or companions. I always look forward to fishing with my friends. Chasing adventure, swapping stories, laughing passionately. I have met the most important and influential people in my life through fly fishing. I need these people and their friendships just as much as I need that moment, and I cannot imagine who or what I would be without both of them.