Snake River Country

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
July thru October

The jewel of the quintessential West, the Snake River starts in Yellowstone Park as a small stream, then arrives in Jackson to the first of several dams on the Snake system.

We fish a section that goes between Jackson Lake Dam and Palisdales Dam. (When it leaves Palisades, in Idaho, it is referred to as the South Fork.)

The magestic Snake meanders through some of the most scenic stretches of water in the Rocky Mountain West. It is here you will find the Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat, a pure beautiful strain of a wild fish to this area. The locals say, “Cutty don’t jump, but they sure can take a dry fly!” And that is what this fish is all about. They love to take a dry, but that doesn’t mean they won’t eat below the surface as well. In any case, this fish represents a piece of nature that goes back many years and is part of our beloved West. This is what  makes you feel “proud” when you land and look at these beauties!

There is a window in early April, before runoff, where the fishing can be quite good on midges, bwo’s, and streamers. Each summer is different, but anytime after July 4th seems to be safe, and the late fall fishing is exciting.

 Day trips generally depart at 8:30 a.m. from the Orvis Store in Jackson Hole. Please make sure we know how to reach you during your stay in the area so we can schedule the most convenient meeting place for you.

Reel Women trips are tailored to match the skill and needs of each client. Trips usually run between 8 and 15 miles, but can be as long or as short as you request. Our guides will customize the fishing depending on each guest’s individual preference. Whether you enjoy fishing riffles or prefer casting to the banks, you’ll have a great time on the water.

An incredible lunch on the river is included with all of our trips. Our guides will have lemonade and/or sodas available, but if you would like something special to drink, please feel free to bring it along. It is also very important that you drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated because these rivers are located at 6,300′ elevation.
Details:  2 persons per guide wading or float trip $600.00

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