South Fork Overnight

Fishing the South Fork of the Snake with Reel Women
Idaho ~ July thru Mid-October

 Guided trips available with Jennifer Cornell and Leslie DalLago through Three Rivers Ranch.The canyon section of the South Fork is one of the last great overnight scenic trips in the west. Three Rivers Ranch along with their award winning guides and staff will provide an overnight camping experience that can only be compared to a night at the Ritz. The camp is nestled in the deep canyon surrounded by towering cottonwoods. An abundant variety of wildlife inhabits the canyon, Bald eagles, peregrine falcons, and plenty of moose to name a few.

Your day starts with your departure from Three Rivers Ranch or Three Rivers Ranch Fly Shop in Driggs, Idaho around 8:00 a.m. You will be required to pack an overnight bag with necessities of a personal nature. Three Rivers Ranch staff will take care of getting your bag to and from the camp. You will then drive with your guide to the “Spring Creek” access near Swan Valley, ID.

The South Fork has a population of well over 7000 fish per mile, with wild cutthroats averaging 14 to 16 inches, as well as rainbows and hybrids. You will also find brown trout that can grow much larger, with a fish or two in excess of 10 pounds. The South Fork was the home to the Idaho State record brown trout weighting in at 26 pounds. Although the South Fork is best known for it’s dry-fly fishing, streamer fishing, casting big flies under cut banks, or dead drifting a bead head nymph, along the numerous gravel bars can be very effective. Whether you choose to only drift or to stop along the numerous gravel bars to wade some of the smaller channels, your day on the South Fork will be truly memorable.

Comfortable Accommodations
Upon arriving at camp you will find cocktails and hors d’oeuvres being served around a roaring campfire. Pull up a chair and relax. Your personal items will have already been taken to your luxurious 10×12 canvas wall tent. Each guest tent has wood floors, cots with mattresses, night stand with a lantern, washing area with hot water delivered to your tent in the evening as well as in the morning; nylon sleeping bags lined with sheets and a zip-in polar fleece liner. If you are in the mood for a hot shower well, you’re in luck. Three Rivers Ranch has provided an on demand propane heated shower area, with fresh towels and a changing area.

Reel Women South Fork Overnight Camp FireAs the sun sets in the canyon you will hear the sounds of the rushing river or an owl off in the distance. Your dining experience will be under a canopy of stars. Chef and camp jacks Justin and Preston will take your order for a grilled Rib-eye steak prepared to your specifications, Dutch oven potatoes, rolls, mixed grilled vegetables, Caesar salad and homemade peach cobbler, complimented with fine wine. If you do have special dietary requests we will do our best to accommodate them. After dinner take some time to relax around the campfire. Share a few stories, a cup of decaf coffee or indulge yourself with a spot of Port and a good cigar.

Western Breakfast
Awaken refreshed to the tantalizing aroma of hot coffee brewing over the campfire, and the sweet smell of bacon sizzling. As you prepare for your day enjoy a hearty western breakfast with your choice of sourdough pancakes, bacon or sausage, eggs, fresh fruit, coffee and juice. During breakfast you and your guide will discuss your options for another day of angling on the South Fork of the Snake River.

The South Fork of the Snake fishes best from mid-July through October.  Three Rivers has established a camp that can accommodate a fishing party of up to eight (min. four).

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