Teton River

Fly Fishing the Scenic Teton River
Idaho ~ June thru November

Guided trips available with Jennifer Cornell and Leslie DalLago through Three Rivers Ranch.

With the view of the majestic Teton Mountains to the East of the river, the Teton River is a world-class fishery, and one of the last strongholds for the native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout outside of Yellowstone National Park.  The river flows northward through the mountain meadows of Teton Valley where spring creeks and sloughs enter the river.  Once it joins Bitch Creek the Teton River flows west and into Teton Canyon where the river changes from the slow mountain meadow pace, to the technical whitewater known as the “Narrows”.  It maintains a near constant temperature throughout the summer, creating ideal conditions for great hatches of Caddis, Mayfies, and Stoneflies.  As the river exits the “Narrows” the river flows back through meadows and fields and joins the world famous Henry’s Fork.

If you enjoy the bird life on the river, the Teton River is a must.  The entire 81.5 miles of trout water is home to an abundance of waterfowl, shorebirds, and many other wetland-dependant plants and animals.  The Sandhill Crane and long-billed curlew are two rare birds commonly found along the banks and meadows lining the Teton River.  Trumpeter swans, ducks, geese, owls, hawks and eagles will all be part of your Teton River experience.  Bring your binoculars along with your camera and be ready for a beautiful day on the best secret of Teton Valley, Idaho.

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