RWFFA ~ Featured Ambassadors

Lynn Decker, Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures Ambassador

Lynn Decker

Lynn has been fishing around the world with Lori-Ann and Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures for over 25 years. She currently provides fisheries, aquatic ecology and conservation content for the Reel Women Guide Schools. Lynn retired as the Director of the North America Fire Initiative for The Nature Conservancy in 2018. Prior to the Conservancy, Lynn was an Aquatic Ecologist with the Forest Service leading programs in Fisheries, Aquatic Ecology and Management across the western U.S. She has a B.S. in Fisheries Biology, from the University of California Davis and a M.S. in Wildland Resource Science/Freshwater Ecology from the University of California Berkeley.  Lynn lives in Salt Lake City.

Rachel Finn

RFinn, Abstract artist and fly fishing guide and addict. “If there was a Betty Ford Center for fly fishing addiction, I would be the Liza Minnelli of it… I reside in the Adirondacks of New York State and have been guiding for 27 years. Currently, I’m pursuing all that life has to offer.”

Check out Rachel’s art here!

Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures Ambassador Rachel Finn
Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures Guide & Ambassador Brenda Galey

Brenda Galey

Brenda Galey is the owner of Galey MsGuided Fly Fishing based out of Victoria Australia in and near the Australian Alps. She’s a born and bred Nebraskan that has lived in Oz and fly fished for over 28 yrs. Brenda is a Certified Casting Instructor, a volunteer for Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery. She imported to Australia her own Montana made Adipose Flow drift boat named “The Mae Fly” (named after her 2nd grade teacher Mae Reeves who took her fishing)! Brenda guides for Rainbows, Browns and Murray Cod with “Mae”.

Check out Brenda’s photography on our Green River Trip page and more here: Fishy Landscape Photos”.


Jess McGlothlin

For more than fifteen years, photographer and writer Jess McGlothlin has worked in the fly-fishing industry in several countries. Her work has taken her around the globe, leading her to chase fish on six continents, and she still somehow enjoys airports. See more at

Jess McGlothlin
Trisha-Campbell Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures Ambassador

Trisha Campbell

Trisha Campbell’s passion for casting and fly fishing runs deep. She loves to help others experience the joys of fly fishing through teaching.  Trisha has volunteered with Casting For Recovery for 13 years.  She is a Certified Casting Instructor Candidate and serves on two regional boards for Fly Fishers International, as well as being a Women’s Connect Liaison and Regional Casting Director.  She is proud to be an Ambassador and Fly Fishing Instructor with Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures and Reel Belize Fly Fishing.